Circle Rates of Residential Properties in Delhi

The Present Circle Rates of the Residential Properties in Eight Categories of Colonies in Delhi

The Government of Delhi has introduced the current circle rates in eight categories of colonies in Delhi with effect from December 05, 2012.

The Delhi government had first introduced the circle rates for the real estate properties in Delhi in July 2007. These rates were notified under the provisions of Delhi Stamp (Prevention of Undervaluation of Instruments) Rules, 2007 on July 18, 2007.

At present, there are eight categories of colonies in the Delhi — A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H based on the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) categorization. The circle rates vary depending on the category of a colony or residential area in Delhi.

As notified by the Government of Delhi, with effect from December 05, 2012 the current circle rates of real estate properties in Delhi based on the colonies categorization are:

Category A Colonies – Rs. 645,000 Per SQM
Category B Colonies – Rs. 204,600 Per SQM
Category C Colonies – Rs. 131,040 Per SQM
Category D Colonies – Rs. 106,384 Per SQM
Category E Colonies – Rs. 58,316 Per SQM
Category F Colonies – Rs. 47,141 Per SQM
Category G Colonies – Rs. 37,820 Per SQM
Category H Colonies – Rs. 19,361 Per SQM

The circle rates of residential property on which property can be registered in Delhi is liable to change by Government of Delhi at any point of time in future.