How to make a WILL in India

A WILL needs to be created to distribute your Wealth in the manner you want to. A WILL can be made by anyone above 21 years of age in India. You can make the WILL on plain paper in India. It’s not legally necessary to make the WILL on stamp paper. It is advisable to write your WILL in your own hand writing, as the same can be verified later in case of any doubts raised by relatives.
A WILL is so important, that it should be your first step in your financial life. If your family structure is diverse, and you want to leave your wealth to different members of
family like you want to, you should prepare your WILL today, not tomorrow, not later.  If you die without preparing a WILL in India, your wealth will then be distributed as per ‘Hindu Succession Law.  Laws of inheritance and succession, are complicated and diverse in nature, and are different in case of Hindus and Muslims.

A WILL has several parts, which duly completed, make up a complete WILL consisting of the parts namely:
  • Declaration in the beginning :
  • Details of Property and Documents;
  • Details of ownership;
  • Signing the Will 

It is not legally required to get the will executed in a court of law in presence of a judicial Magistrate in India. You can change your WILL any time you want to. However, make sure that when you make a new WILL, you mention that this WILL is the latest and supersedes all earlier WILLS.


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