How to get your Banking Problems Solved through Ombudsman

All the Banks are having a complaints redressal mechanism yet Banking Ombudsman and RBI get over 750000 complaints every year. But it is also true that almost 50% of the complaints are invalid and are beyond the purview of the Banking Ombudsman. 

Take the following steps if we have a grievance:

1. First lodge a complaint to the Bank concerned in writing. Banks have a specific complaint register and they have meetings where a customer can walk in and register a complaint. Ask for a receipt.

2. Please keep details of the official receiving the complaint.

3. If the Bank does not respond within 30 days, lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman. Complaints pending at other judicial forums will not be entertained by the BO. You don’t need to pay any fee to the Banking Ombudsman. 

4. Obtain a unique identification number for tracking the complaint from the Banking Ombudsman.

5.Lodge Online complaints to Banking Ombudsman on

6. If you are not happy with the Ombudsman decision, you can appeal to the Customer Services Department, RBI.

There are 15 Banking Ombudsman (BO) Offices situated across the country to spread awareness about the Banking Ombudsman Scheme especially in rural areas. Intensive awareness campaigns are undertaken to ensure greater reach of the Scheme among the members of public.

Banking Ombudsmen participate in various awareness campaigns under Financial Inclusion and Literacy Program and visit a number of villages in various Districts under respective territorial jurisdiction of the Banking Ombudsman.

Participation in various important fairs and festivals in the State, face to face interaction with members of public at various places at block level, participating in seminars organized by Government of India in association with RBI are some of the other initiatives undertaken by the Officers of Banking Ombudsman.